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Alto's automotive clutch manufacturing experience has been utilized in the production of motorcycle clutch components, both friction, as well as steel. Alto claims all their products are researched, engineered and produced to meet or exceed all Original Equipment manufacturer's specifications, ensuring precise fit and ease of installation. They are 100% manufactured in the USA in Alto's own state-of-the-art-tool, die and machine shop. Absolute control over the high quality is maintained without the need to rely on outside vendors. Alto produces two distinctly different friction plates. Their tried-and-true "Alto Red" friction material has a unique dual-saturation which is endowed with high-grip frictional properties, heat resistance and very low wear-coefficient. Also available is their Aramid friction lining for superior wear and heat dissipation. Street, strip, or track, Alto clutch components will do a superior job in a most cost effective manner. All Alto aftermarket clutch components are thoroughly tested before they are offered for sale.


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789850 Contiene 9 discos de fricción adheridos Red Eagle (como en el kit de embrague OEM 2202434) € 62,40
789851 Contiene 9 discos de fricción unidos con aramida (como en el kit de embrague OEM 2202434) € 101,25
789852 Contiene 9 placas de transmisión de acero (como en el kit de embrague OEM 2202434) € 60,25

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