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Legend Aero Air Shocks allow the rider to experience all the benefits of a traditional air suspension complete with the added kicker of a model-specific, bolt-in on-board compressor. This allows the rider to adjust ride height on-the-fly by way of the included handlebar-mounted compressor switch. Adjustable air suspension has never been so accessible and offers bolt-in installation. Legend's packed a lot of value into this kit, the Aero suspension system set the high mark in ultimate ride quality.


•Provide optimum rebound performance for any given rider weight, personal ride-quality preference or personal riding style
•Light to heavy riders can fine-tune ride preference
•Riders with aggressive to casual styles can tune to desired quality or personal preference
•New, redesigned exclusive Kevlar air spring technology provides spring rate adjustability
•Air springs maximize wheel travel and adjust to any desired ride height
•Spherical mount bearings top and bottom
•Hard anodized machined aluminum bodies
•Low-friction seals
•High Flow Piston reacts quickly for improved fluid flow management
•Deflective Disc Valved Damping self-adjusts to frequency and ensures controlled performance
•The Legend/NAMZ wiring harness plugs in with three easy Deutsch connectors
•All Aero systems, except Aero-HVG, include black handlebar-mounted control for on-the-go adjustability. Chrome control available separately
•All Aero systems, except Aero-HVG, include a pre-wired air compressor mounted to model-specific brackets
•Aero-A versions feature external six-way adjustable rebound damping by knob
•Aero-HVG versions do not include an air compressor but come with a high volume hand pump with inline pressure gauge.
•Made in the USA


Fits 2004 thru 2013 XL Sportster models
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Aero, black
Fits 2014 to present Sportster
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Aero, black
Fits all 1999 to present Touring, accommodates 13" and 12" needs. Custom fits 1984-1998
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Aero-HVG, black

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