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Cartridge type front suspension improves stability, cornering and traction, eliminates front-end dive during aggressive braking and maneuvering, eliminates bottoming out on large bumps and potholes and reduces dragging floorboards and foot pegs. They are designed for optimum performance with Legend rear suspensions and provide a smooth and controlled ride quality and a firm feel for high-speed sweeping turns. Easy to install. Includes 2 mono-tube, dual chambered damper cartridges with Nitrogen chambers with internal floating pistons and a performance spring rate. Feature machined 303 Stainless threaded pre-load adjuster with an increased pre-load range that allows fine tuning for various riding styles and weights. Includes fork oil and are available in standard or 1" lowered models.


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Fits 2014 thru 2016 Touring models, stock length
Fits 2014 thru 2016 Touring models, 1" lowered
Fits 2017 to present Touring models, 1" lowered

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