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Clamp a set of these on your engine guard & enjoy all-day comfort. The clamp can be positioned forward or back & the arm offers full 360-degree rotation for Tall, Short, or In-Between riders! If your engine guard is angled in such a way that the peg will not be level once installed, find our Right Angle Mounts or Male Adapters with Adjustable Stop.
Cover the clamp bolt head with new Kool Kaps.


Kinetic Kinetic
Chrome Gloss Black Flame
Traditional Driver Boards K4395
€ 143,16

€ 71,58
Swept Wing Driver Boards K4396
€ 143,16

€ 71,58
€ 143,16

€ 71,58
Traditional D-Shaped Passenger Boards K4398
€ 92,03

€ 46,02
€ 71,57

€ 35,79

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