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Magnum Sterling Chromite is a braid that is specially developed to match the color and brilliance of chrome. Using a unique and patented process, each strand of Sterling Chromite wire is individually clear coated before being fabricated into a braid. This high-tech coating is fully transparent, flexible but tough, impervious to engine heat, is ultraviolet and weather resistant and won't scratch like stainless steel. Besides these universal brake lines there are also ignition wires, fuel and oil hoses, clutch, throttle and idle cables (check the index for page numbers). Magnum Sterling Chromite brake lines are high tensile stainless steel with superior burst strength. These universal brake lines have AN fittings on each end. Connecting to the master cylinder, hydraulic clutch or brake caliper can be made with Goodridge adaptors as found elsewhere in this catalog.


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12" long (30cm)
66" long (168cm)

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