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The Power Core ignition coil amplifier increases the coil's output performance of any inductive ignition system by up to 50%. Simply connect the Power Core to the primary side of the coil and the coil's energy storage capability, spark energy and the available spark voltage will be increased, without effecting the coil's RPM limit. The hotter and more powerful spark the coil produces, will ignite the air/fuel mixture much quicker, more reliable, and more efficiently. This will increase horsepower and torque, and will decrease fuel consumption and emissions. This makes the Power Core absolutely essential for high compression and/or high RPM applications. Available in red and black for a match with the Nology Hot Wires. Power-Cores are available for electronic as well as points ignition. Special Nology racing cores are available for those who want the ultimate spark for very high compression engines.


For use with points ignition
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Black, for use with 5.0 Ohm points coils
For use with electronic ignition
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Red, for use with 0.6 Ohm coils

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