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If you have been looking for that eye catching look in the evening, CYRON Professional Accent Lighting Kits truly compliment your ride. The "Gold" and "Platinum" kits include everything needed for a clean, professional install at a very reasonable price.

Kits contain:

•Wireless On/Off remote control
•4 x Convex5 LED clusters and 1 Nugett 4 LED cluster in the "Gold" kit
•6 x Convex5 LED clusters and 2 Nugett 4 LED cluster in the "Platinum" kit
•Wire ties
•Ring terminals
•Butt splices
•Alcohol wipes

In fact it contains all the components & instructions for a hassle free D.I.Y. install. All chromed plated LED clusters are ideal for Harley-Davidson and other types of cruisers.


"Gold" kit "Platinum" kit
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€ 82,72

€ 33,62
Amber LEDs
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€ 87,43

€ 35,55
Add to cart740958
€ 82,72

€ 33,62
Fuchsia LEDs
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€ 87,43

€ 35,55
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€ 82,72
Purple LEDs

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