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The technology from the Jims Vacuum Brake Bleeding tool has found its way to servicing the hydraulic tappets on Evolution and Twin Cam engines. A special vacuum jar can hold up to 4 hydraulic lifters in a convenient tray. Once vacuum is applied, bubbles can be seen escaping from the lifters until they are completely bled. No more abuse of the starting system to pump up the lifters and no risk of damage to the valve train by running the engine when the lifters have not been fully bled. Tool takes the hydraulic tappets used on Evolution and Twin Cam engines, as well as many other tappets with similar size and diameter. The Mityvac vacuum hand pump must be ordered separately but also be used for a various other applications such as brake bleeding, fluid transfers and vacuum diagnostics.


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Vacuum tappet Pump Up tool
Mityvac vacuum hand pump

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