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Spectro's Platinum Synthetic is a Premium full synthetic motorcycle engine lubricant. It is a blend of PAO Group IV synthetic base oils made with Spectro's new Spectra-Syn technology using the very latest technology A.P.I. SH & CG additive package fortified with additional anti-wear and anti-foam additives to provide smooth shifting characteristics in motorcycles with transmissions that share the engine lubricant. Since Spectro Platinum Synthetic uses no Viscosity Index improvers, there is virtually no viscosity breakdown, even not in a motorcycle gearbox environment. Spectro Platinum Synthetic is the ideal choice for all four-stroke motorcycles where a full synthetic, high performance oil is desired for touring, competition, and off-road use. Observe manufacturers' recommendations for viscosity and change intervals. Recommended for use wherever an A.P.I., SF, SG, SH oil is specified. Sold to dealers in cartons with 12 bottles of 1 liter.


Spectro Platinum Synthetic SAE 10W50
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1 Liter bottle
Dealer pack with 12 bottles of 1 Liter

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