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Dakota's electronic speedometer adjustment unit plugs directly into the stock sockets of 1996 to present models with the electronic driven speedometer. This unit allows you to correct the speedometer and odometer reading after a change in tire or pulley size or when a different transmission (different ratio or 6 Speed) has been fitted. No cutting or splicing of the stock wiring harness is required, just plug it in the 3-pin connector plug between the transmission sensor and the speedometer. Two sealed push-button switches allow the speedometer reading to be increased or decreased easily while the bike is being driven. After you have set the speedometer to the correct reading, the unit stores the correction factor, even with the battery disconnected. The module is completely sealed from water, dust, and dirt. The correction range is from 50% to 200% of the original reading. Small steps allow precise correction to within 1 MPH or 1 KPH.


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Electronic Speedometer adjustment unit

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