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A reproduction of the long unavailable hand shift style 3.5 gallon (13,2L.) tank set as used on the 1947 thru 1965 Big Twin Harley-Davidson. This reproduction takes original rod type (ZPN745912) shut-off valve, cam style gas caps (see gas cap section), cross over gas line (ZPN012251) and is designed to accept the 1947 thru 1965 shifter guide. Measurement may slightly vary from OEM tank (style A).


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Hand Shift Gas Tank
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Bolt with bushing for tankshifter hinge (OEM 33775-37)

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The zinc-chromate primer finish on some of our tanks is provided for the protection of the tanks during shipment and storage. It is not recommended as a primer finish for paint applications without proper surface preparation. As with any fuel tank, particularly one where custom paint is to be applied, all tanks must be pressure tested, then cleaned with tank cleaner and sealed with tank sealer before painting, to protect the final finish and prevent internal rust during winter storage. Fuel capacity is measured with tank in upright position, angle of parked bike will determine actual capacity of the fuel tank.