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Zodiac is making your life easy, no more guessing what to select or to buy. We offer complete Drive line kits that include everything you need from engine to transmission and all in-between. We selected a complete range of products, which will give you maximum performance and reliability. Kits include an assembled S&S engine in 96CI, 111CI or a monster 124CI performance engine. Kits are also available with a 96CI TÜV "Euro-2" or 113CI TÜV "Euro-3" approved engine.

For more info about the S&S engines, see chapter 7.

Drive line kits include:

•Natural aluminum finish S&S engine with ignition, carburetor and teardrop style air cleaner
•Chain driven primary drive kit with Chrome housing
•5 Speed transmission in natural aluminum finish
•1.4 kW Starter motor, black
•Starter jack shaft kit
•Alternator kit with black regulator
•Gaskets and mounting hardware for engine and transmission
•Transmission mounting plate

TÜV approved and V111 S&S engines include an IST ignition system and a extended 3 year warranty.


Drive-line kits with S&S engine, transmission, and primary drive
Non approved Engine Warranty
Add to cart740160
€ 9.165,25
2 year 96CI, 1990-1993
Add to cart740161
€ 9.094,75
2 year 96CI, 1994-1997
Add to cart740162
€ 8.870,47
2 year 96CI, 1998-1999
Add to cart740172
€ 9.859,73
3 year 111CI, 1990-1993
Add to cart740173
€ 9.587,33
3 year 111CI, 1994-1997
Add to cart740174
€ 9.564,95
3 year 111CI, 1998-1999
Add to cart740175
€ 8.975,95
1 year 124CI, 1990-1993
Add to cart740176
€ 10.024,33
1 year 124CI, 1994-1997
Add to cart740177
€ 9.800,05
1 year 124CI, 1998-1999
TÜV/Euro-2 approved Engine Warranty
Add to cart740163
€ 10.695,65
3 year 96CI, 1990-1993
Add to cart740166
€ 10.625,15
3 year 96CI, 1994-1997
Add to cart740169
€ 10.400,87
3 year 96CI, 1998-1999
TÜV/Euro-3 approved Engine Warranty
Add to cart740178
€ 11.322,59
3 year 113CI, 1990-1993
Add to cart740179
€ 11.252,09
3 year 113CI, 1994-1997
Add to cart740180
€ 11.027,81
3 year 113CI, 1998-1999

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