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Zodiac offers a complete assortment of commonly used tab washers in a virtually unbreakable assortment tray. Tray contains 120 pieces tab washers (10 each type). All individual tab washers are listed below in a shop supply 10 pack.



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Assortment tray with 120 pcs tab washers
Tab washers, 10 pack
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Pivot bolt, rear swingarm (OEM 47513‑58)
Main-shaft at bearing 4 Speed (OEM 35050‑40)
Transmission sprocket Sportster (OEM 35050‑52)
Pinion/sprocket shaft Sportster (OEM 7044)
Clutch hub Big Twin (OEM 37503‑41)
Starter clutch Big Twin (OEM 33396‑39)
Kick-start shaft Sportster (OEM 33362‑52)
Shifter fork Big Twin 4 Speed (OEM 34180‑33)
Starter gear Big Twin 4 Speed (OEM 33082‑16)
Transmission sprocket 4 Speed (OEM 35216‑36)
Clutch hub Sportster 1954 thru 1984 (OEM 37533‑52A)
Stem nut FL (OEM 45717‑63)

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