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This kit is designed to add a kick-starter to all 4 Speed Big Twins 1936 thru 1986. Kit includes chrome plated reinforced kick cover, gears, clutches, stops, springs, and all hardware needed. Does not include kick arm and pedal to give you the option to install the arm and pedal of your choice.


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Kickstart kit complete (OEM 33055‑78A)
Kickstart kit without kick cover
Replacement parts
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Chrome kick cover (OEM 33277‑36A)
Polished kick cover (OEM 33277‑36A)
Bumper-plate 1936 thru 1977 (OEM 33353‑36)
Bumper-plate 1978 thru 1984 (OEM 33553‑78)
Bumper-plate screw (OEM 1864B)
Oil deflector (OEM 33429‑39)
Spring starter clutch (OEM 33391‑36)
Starter gear main-shaft 16T (OEM 33430‑50)
Starter gear main-shaft 14T (OEM 33430‑59)
Starter gear main-shaft 14T, V-Twin Mfg. (OEM 33430‑59)
Starter clutch (OEM 33381‑39)
Tab washer, starter clutch, 10 Pack (OEM 33396‑39)
Nut, starter clutch (OEM 7911)
Key, starter clutch, 10 pack (OEM 33393‑50)
Starter shaft (OEM 33096‑54B)
Chrome, 1959 thru 1985 style. Internal threaded #10-24 to fit spring cover ZPN 301190 (OEM 33150‑59, 33151‑80) on all 1936 thru 1985 Big Twins, Genuine Zodiac (OEM 33152‑59)
Thrust washer, starter shaft (OEM 33080‑36)
Gear, starter shaft (OEM 33350‑36)
Fits 1937-1979, 10 Pack (OEM 2080‑16 & 33082‑16)
Nut, starter shaft (OEM 7977)
Chrome spring, starter shaft (OEM 33085‑36)
Gasket (OEM 2132‑36 & 33295‑36)

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