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Need to replace a worn out Evolution Big Twin engine without breaking the bank? Or want to tear up the asphalt with a Dyno proven high performance engine? Look no further as Zodiac offers the widest range of reliable S&S engines, ranging from 80CI (1,340cc)-an impressive 124CI (2,035cc). S&S has made the best combinations of bore, stroke, compression ratio, camshafts and so on and backs this up with a warranty of up to 3 years. These engines are nearly stock height, making them easy to fit in stock and stock style frames for 1984-1999 Evolution engines. All engines supplied with a Super E carburetor, Super G carburetor or with fuel injection come complete with an S&S teardrop style air cleaner. Carbureted engines also include an ignition as indicated. Engines do not include an alternator stator and rotor, install with stock or aftermarket alternator. All engines come assembled by S&S technicians and, except for the V80 engines without carburetor and ignition, including engine oil, oil filter and S&S workshop manual.

Features and Options

Super Stock Ignition
A Single Fire ignition system with built-in data logging that can be viewed via a PC when equipped with diagnostic cable and S&S diagnostic software (ZPN750747). Protects engine with a 3-step breake-in rev limiter during the first 24 hours of operation. Must be used with Single Fire coil.

IST Ignition
IST (Intelligent Spark Technology) features knock-sensing ignition control that prolongs engine life by automatically adjusting timing to eliminate knock by learning and storing ignition requirements of the engine. This great advantage results in one extra year of warranty compared to engines supplied with Super Stock ignition. IST logs engine data, diagnostic test codes and history items that can be viewed via a PC when equipped with diagnostic cable (ZPN750247) and S&S Guardian software (ZPN750246). Must be used with Single Fire coil and not recommended for kick start applications.

Fuel Injection
Selected engines are also available as a replacement for the stock engine in 1995-1998 models that were originally equipped with Magneti Marelli Electronic Fuel Injection. These are supplied with a closed loop S&S VFI injection module with built-in three stage engine overheat protection, dual Oxygen sensors, a single bore EFI throttle body and S&S teardrop air cleaner. Also included is S&S ProTune II software with base fuel maps for most aftermarket exhaust systems. Turn to an S&S certified VFI tuning center when you want a fuel map purpose built for your machine and riding style. Must be used with Single Fire coil and not recommended for kick start applications.

Euro-2 and Euro-3 compliant engines
Selected models are available in a Euro-2 or Euro-3 compliant version. All of these feature a special IST ignition and a special gear cover (nose cone) that does not have a provision for a stock style ignition. IST ignition modules on approved engines can not be re-programmed as this is a requirement for the emission standards. Engines come with the required certification documentation and instructions to verify their emissions compliance.

Gear covers and tappet guides
The S&S V80 engines always have a cast gear cover and cast tappet guides. All other S&S Evolution style engines are equipped with a chrome plated gear cover and chrome plated tappet guides. S&S IST and fuel injected engines are equipped with a special gear cover without an ignition cover. These engines use a crank position sensor for ignition timing.


The perfect engine to replace your aging 80CI Evolution Big Twin. When you still have a good ignition and stock Keihin CV or stock replacement Mikuni, S&S Super E or other carburetor you can get an engine without carburetor, air cleaner and ignition. Tests on the S&S Dyno have shown an up to 40% increase in horsepower and an up to 18% increase in torque over what a stock engine in good condition supplies.


One of the most proven S&S products and great to replace a worn out Harley-Davidson Evolution engine. Equipped with S&S performance replacement heads and flat top pistons. Delivering exceptionally smooth power and incredible reliability, the value of this 3 5/8" bore engine can't be beaten. Up to 50% more horsepower and 40% increase in torque compared to a stock engine. Also available in a Euro-2 compliant version.


V107T stands for Evolution style 107 Cubic Inch Touring. Great for Baggers or other models that are usually ridden 2-up and where big horsepower numbers at 7000rpm is not always the best, but lots of torque at 3000rpm will do quite nicely. (see table)


The V111 engine is designed for torque more than top end horsepower. The short 4 1/8" stroke is equal to the large 4 1/8" bore, which minimizes vibration. The relatively low lift S&S 585 cam and the single coil Sidewinder valve springs, also known as Beehive valve springs minimize valve train noise. A smooth, quiet, torquey engine is ideal for applications where vibration and noise can get old on a long ride, and a loaded bagger pulling a trailer can overtax a stock engine.


Not the biggest but still a contender. The V113 yields a broad torque curve while maintaining excellent reliability. Tests on the Dyno have shown that, like most large displacement long stroke engines, the V113 makes a lot of torque right of idle and makes approximately one peak horsepower per cubic inch. Engines come equipped with electronic compression release valves to avoid starting problems. Also available in a version that meets the Euro-3 emission standards.


The V124 "Super Sidewinder Plus" is the biggest S&S engine that still fits in a stock Evolution Big Twin frame. Features bigger-than-stock 1.5" crank pin and .927" piston wrist pins, large fin packs on heads and cylinders, HVHP oil pump and electric compression releases for easy starting under any circumstance. Tests on the S&S Dyno have shown almost 129 rear wheel horsepower and an impressive torque of 137 pound-feet. A high performance clutch must be used.


S&S V80 1,340CC engines
3 1/2" bore and 4 1/4" stroke, 8,4:1 compression, 508 camshaft and stock style rocker arms
ZPN Induction Ignition Warranty
€ 4.216,62
Natural aluminum - - 1 year parts only
€ 4.317,02
Wrinkle black - - 1 year parts only
€ 5.019,79
Natural aluminum Super E SuperStock 2 year
€ 5.019,79
Wrinkle black Super E SuperStock 2 year
S&S V96 1,575CC engines
Have 3 5/8" bore and 4 5/8" stroke, 585 camshaft and roller rocker arms
ZPN Induction Ignition Warranty
€ 5.722,57
Natural aluminum with chrome gear and rocker box covers Super E SuperStock 2 year
€ 6.023,76
Wrinkle black with chrome gear cover Super E SuperStock 2 year
S&S V111T 1,806CC engines
4 1/8" bore, 4 1/8" stroke, 585 camshaft and roller rocker arms
ZPN Induction Ignition Warranty
€ 6.023,76
Natural aluminum Super E SuperStock 2 year
€ 6.324,96
Wrinkle Black Super E SuperStock 2 year
€ 5.521,78
Black Edition, all black with highlighted cooling fins - - 2 year
€ 6.324,96
Black Edition, all black with highlighted cooling fins Super E SuperStock 2 year
S&S V124 2,035CC engines
4 1/8" bore, 4 5/8" stroke, 640 camshaft, roller rocker arms and electronic compression release
ZPN Induction Ignition Warranty
€ 6.324,96
Natural aluminum Super G SuperStock 1 year
€ 6.896,74
Polished Super G SuperStock 1 year
€ 6.626,15
Wrinkle Black Super G SuperStock 1 year
€ 6.556,34
Black Edition, all black with highlighted cooling fins Super G SuperStock 1 year

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