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With the ever-growing number of applications and bolt on performance products for injection models the need for fuel injection control is very important. With all the thousands of different possible performance combinations that are available the demand is growing for more flexible fuel injection controllers. The Techlusion FITS box is a true "plug & play" unit that allows you to tune your Fuel Injection as easy as a good-old carburetor without having to be a computer expert. It takes the carburetor knowledge and experience that many of us have gathered over the years, and converts it to a fuel injection interface. The interface starts by first understanding what signal the injectors are getting. The Injector always has battery power connected to it and receives ground pulse signals from the ECU unit, which activate the injectors. At idle, the pulse signals that the injectors receive are around 6- millisecond trigger pulses. At wide-open throttle they receive about a 23- millisecond trigger pulse. These trigger pulses are comparable to jet sizes just like determining a 32.5 pilot jet and a 170 main jet on a carburetor. Therefore the trick is to make the box work like those jets. Techlusion's technicians spent many miles driving around with meters hooked up on the bike measuring these trigger pulses under various conditions. Having saved all gathered information and trigger pulses they have come up with this "electronic jet kit" with pots that replace the functions of jets you would have to change on a carburetor. Based on this "carburetor logic" you may determine the point you are encountering trouble with and simply adjust the desired circuit: pilot jet and mixture screw, needle and slide speed or main jet. The corresponding pot in the back of the box will change that point in the fuel delivery curve just like a carburetor would. One of the key features of the FITS over the rest is the FOURTH POT adjustability. This feature allows for many different engine combinations to be tuned properly at certain Rpm's. For example: Increasing displacement and camshaft profile changes the engines power curve thus changing the need for fuel at a certain RPM. Here is where the FOURTH POT becomes a necessity. Without this feature the tuner is confined to adjusting fuel on a stock power curve with no room for adjustment at a certain RPM. The Techlusion FITS unit is a new, revolutionary standard in fuel injection adjustment. The FITS is different in its method of adjustment than anything else on the market. It is more simple and deals directly with the fuel injection signal after it leaves the factory Engine Control Unit (ECU). It adjusts the fuel requirements without tricking sensors or modifying the factory settings, as this can limit the ECU's effectiveness at compensating for changing altitude or weather conditions. The digital circuitry construction allows a specific range of adjustment of the fuel delivery curve in the areas where you want to increase performance. The Techlusion Control box not only is an easy to use interface, it also eliminates the need for new (expensive) OEM downloads every time an exhaust, air filter or cam is changed. Each box comes with installation and adjustment instructions. Available for most EFI equipped models 1999 to present.


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Chip upgrade for ZPN741190 for use with tuned motors of 90HP and over
For Twin Cam models 2005 with tuned motors of 90 HP and over
Fits 1999-2007 Buell models
Optional Wire harness all H-D models

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