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A professional kit with a dual exhaust pump and all necessary tools and extensions to make installation of M18 threaded wide band oxygen sensors possible on any motorcycle. Comes with 10 weld-in bungs with plugs, drills, seal rings and anything else to use the Diag-4-Tune option in the Diag-4-Bike software to its full extend. The exhaust pump works on 12 Volt and can therefore also be used for road tests. Professional organiser boxes with extension or replacement parts are also available.


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O2 sensor tool kit
Replacement & expansion part kits
ZPN Qty.
€ 68,30
Parts kit #1, contains:
Copper sealing ring,12x18x2mm 20
Copper sealing ring 6x10x2mm 10
Screw M12x1.25 2
Hollow screw M6x22 4
Hollow screw M12x1.25 2
Reduction insert, M18x1.5-M12x1.25 2
Reduction insert, M12x1.25-nut M6 2
ZPN Qty.
€ 59,30
Parts kit #2, contains:
Copper sealing ring, 6.5x17x2mm 20
Copper sealing ring, 18x22x2mm 10
Copper flanged button head socket screw, M6x16 4
Rivet nut, M6, stainless 20
Screw with spigot, M16x12, hexagon, stainless 20
Thread repair tap M12x1.25 1
Thread repair tap M18x1.50 1
Individual parts
€ 0,42
Copper flanged button head socket screw, M6x16 1

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