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The Big Shot Adjustable Fuel Injection Tuner is a new load-based fuel injection module that does not require any splicing or modifications to your motorcycle during installation. Big Shot modules come pre-loaded with base maps for different models which can then be fine tuned for each individual's riding style and bike with three buttons. Tuning is so easy that laptops and dyno machines are not required to maximize your motorcycle's performance. Utilizing the latest in load-based technology in fuel injection performance, the Big Shot detects the exact amount of load on the engine at any RPM and any road speed and delivers the perfect amount of fuel to the engine for optimum performance. This is a superior design over fuel injection modules that work off of throttle position. As throttle positions can be the same at different speeds and with different loads on the engine, with the same amount of fuel injected into the engine in these varying conditions, performance can suffer.


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2008-2009 FLT models

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