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The ultimate solution for "Burned-Out" mini switches. More and more Custom builders are using the "Petit" or "Mini" handlebar switches to operate lights etc. These mini switches can't handle the current flow if used in the same way as the stock switches. The contact area of the mini switches is simply too small and they will burnout. This electronic box will eliminate all problems related to too many Amps flowing through too little switches. It has 4 electronic relays build in that can be activated with a minimum of current flow. This will eliminate all problems related with burning handlebar switches. The thin electric wires needed to connect this relay unit to the handlebar controls can easily be routed inside the handlebar. The Mini-Relays box now has a build-in self-canceling turn signal relay and measures only 3" long, 2" wide and 1" high, so can be fitted easily under a tank or side cover. Comprehensive instructions for ease of installation are included.



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"Auto-off" Mini relays box for mini switches

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