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There are various electronic boxes available and these are a great solution to reduce the amount of wires in a bike. Less wires make both installation and trouble shooting a lot easier. However, it is still surprising how much wiring you have to install on a bike and even more surprising that it can take 10-20 hours to install all wires. But now there is this digital communication solution that reduces the number of wires drastically and is designed for use with momentary push button switches. Kits include two communication interfaces, one for the rear and one for the front. These kits are available with one handlebar adapter for bikes with only one handlebar switch unit, or two handlebar adapters for bikes with switches on both sides of the handlebars. The handlebar adapters are small enough to throw inside your handlebars and all commands are send over one single wire from the push button switches to the front communication box that, measuring only 40x25x12mm, is small enough to fit into your headlight housing. The control boxes communicate with each other via a thin serial bus cable, so all front to rear wiring that you will have is one serial bus cable and one to power everything. Both kits come complete with easy to understand wiring schemes. It doesn't get any easier.


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Digital wiring solution with front and rear box and one handlebar switch adapter
Digital wiring solution with front and rear box and two handlebar switch adapters

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