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All Cyron LED's are top quality, designed for use on motorcycles and made in the USA These stylish Safety Skirt Lights add safety by making yourself more visible. Cyron's Safety Skirt Lights expand your existing running and brake lights. They are normally mounted on a smooth flat surface using two-sided tape or attach to round railings using zip ties. The system is ideal for baggers and trikes. Working in tandem with taillights, the lighting system emits a red light on the ground around the back of the bike while underway. When brakes are applied the ground will light up in bright red warning off drivers. Available in sets with 2 or 3 10" (25cm) long light rails with 24 red 1/4" (6mm) diameter LED's each. Designed with DOT regulations in mind. All kits include a very small (1/4" diameter, 3" long) built-into-the wires electronic interface, Scotch lock connectors, high-grade 3M VHB two-sided tape, cleaning wipes and zip ties.


For bikes with two bags
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Kit with two 10" (25cm) rails with 24 red LEDs each
For trikes or bikes with extra wide rear fenders, Tour packs, trunk and/or rear railings. May need extra customizing to install the third LED rail
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Kit with three 10" (25cm) rails with 24 red LEDs each (shown)

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