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DEI exhaust wrap is designed to keep heat contained within the metal pipes of the exhaust system. This keeps the heat longer in the exhaust gasses, which will increase the rate of gas flow out of the engine and exhaust system. Wrapping your headers with DEI's exhaust wrap will provide additional horsepower, engine protection and rider and passenger comfort. DEI exhaust wrap is manufactured with a hi-temp fiberglass composite material and then infused with a proprietary coating to enhance heat retention and expanded durability of the exhaust wrap. DEI is the only manufacturer to add a 1/4" overlap as a guideline in their instructions of the exhaust wrap to ensure proper installation without guesswork. Together with its narrow width this makes installation on motorcycle headers an easy job. Comes on rolls of 1"x50 feet (2.5 cmx1525 cm), enough to cover a set of headers on almost any V-Twin motorcycle. Available in tan and carbon-look black. Stainless steel locking ties must be ordered separately.


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Tan exhaust wrap, roll of 1"x50 feet (2.5cmx1525cm)
Black exhaust wrap, roll of 1"x50 feet (2.5cmx1525cm)
Pack of 8 pcs. 8" (20cm) long stainless steel locking ties

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