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This design version of GCB's Smoothglide front forks adds a touch of class to your Custom project. Unlike most front ends, that have the triple tree square to the neck post, these ones feature special inclined triple trees and fork stops that provide that sought-after super sleek look. In addition, and to emphasize this the front wheel axle and top steering head nut are flush mounted. The 56mm fat looking fork sliders, triple trees, axle pockets and skid plates are made from aluminum billets and come in your choice of polished or black anodized. Forks are available as Wide Glide with 9 59/64" (252mm) pitch, and in lengths from 30 1/2" (775mm) thru 41 1/2" (1054mm). Wide Glide forks are also available with 3 degrees rake in the triple trees. Forks come complete with steer stops, 3/4" wheel axle and axle spacers, and an instrument bracket. Wide Glide forks are supplied with one disc spacer for use with a 1984 thru 1999 disc brake rotor and Narrow Glide front hub. Fender brackets, and brackets to mount 2000 to present style brake calipers must be ordered separately, brackets to mount other calipers must be custom made. For those who want to use the proven quality of GCB forks but want to use other triple trees we also supply complete fork leg sets


Fork leg sets
Black Polished
750386 € 879,04 € 703,23 33 1/2" (851mm) length
750387 € 940,69 € 824,18 36 1/2" (927mm) length
750388 € 1.002,34 € 801,87 39 1/2" (1003mm) length
750379 € 1.074,55 € 859,64 41 1/2" (1054mm) length

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