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The latest innovation in braking technology are composite disc brake rotors. These lightweight disc brake rotors are made with an advanced aluminum Metal Matrix Composite that offers an extended lifetime and unbeatable durability. Composite Matrix Brakes offer high performance and unparalleled stopping power. Compared to traditional cast iron and even stainless steel brake rotors the Matrix composite brakes rotors offer

•60% weight reduction
•More than three times the life expectancy: 200,000 km lifetime
•Quieter braking
•Higher resistance to wear, warp, and corrosion

These lightweight brake rotors are manufactured using Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) materials originally developed for NASA thermal panels and offer an unprecedented level of quality. Rotors are made from a lightweight aluminum-ceramic composite material that enables increased fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. The ultra-durable reinforced surface eliminates the effects of wear, corrosion, and deformation. With over three times the life expectancy of cast iron rotors, lightweight Matrix brake rotors will rarely need to be replaced and therefor carry a lifetime warranty. Martix Brakes'mmC material has been developed specifically for braking applications. Over years of development,mmC engineers have designed the material to exceed the current limitations of cast iron brakes due to weight, strength, and temperature management. The composite brake material used in Matrix Brakes is the first of its kind and is mixed, cast, heat-treated, and finished to the highest quality. Matrix brakes MUST be used with the matching Matrix brake pads. The use of another brand, type and/or material of pad will not only drastically reduce the braking performance, but will also void warranty. Special brake pads for racing use are available upon request. Race pads will give even more extreme braking power, but are not recommended for street use. All Matrix disc brake rotors are floating and come with a standard or a directional "Legged" carrier. They are available in clear with a polished carrier and polished floating elements, clear with a chrome carrier and chrome floating elements or black with a black carrier and black anodized floating elements. Rotors, carriers and floating elements are available separately as well. And with the various colors of floating elements, you can build your own custom combination.

Due to the large variety of Matrix Brakes, all brake rotors are build to order. Allow a minimum of 2 days for building and shipping.


Individual parts
To build complete disc brake rotors in your own desired color combination. Order one Rotor in Clear or Black, a Carrier in Polished, Chrome or Black and one set of floating elements to build one complete disc brake rotor.
Rotors only
Clear Black
746800 € 272,04 € 217,63 746801 - 11 1/2" (292mm) x .230"
746802 € 290,40 € 189,80 - 11.8" (300mm) x .230"
746804 € 313,35 € 204,80 - 11.8" (300mm) x .280"
Rotor carriers only
Black Polished Chrome
746813 € 41,17 € 32,93 - 746815 € 80,57 € 64,46 Front left or right
- - 746818 € 80,57 € 64,46 Rear
746822 € 41,17 € 32,93 746823 € 56,93 € 45,54 746824 € 65,26 € 56,02 Legged, front left
746819 € 41,17 € 32,93 746820 € 56,93 € 45,54 746821 € 80,57 € 52,66 Legged, front right
746825 € 41,17 € 32,93 746826 € 56,93 € 37,21 746827 € 80,57 € 52,66 Legged, rear
Organic/Kevlar mix brake pads
Matrix brakes for road use MUST be used with the matching Matrix brake pads. The use of another brand, type and/or material will not only drastically reduce the braking performance, but will also void warranty.
For use in stock style calipers:
A. 746860 - Fits Softail 2000 thru 2007 front and rear (except rear on 2006 to present FXST, FXSTB, FXSTS, FLSTFSE, 2007 to present FLSTF and FLSTC), Dyna and FLH/FLT 2000 thru 2007 front and rear, XL 2000 thru 2003 front and rear, and V-Rod 2002 thru 2005 front and
B. 746861 € 64,27 € 42,01 Fits Softail 2006 thru 2007 FXST, FXSTB, FXSTS, FLSTFSE rear and 2007 FLSTF and FLSTC rear (OEM 46721-06)
C. 746862 € 64,27 € 37,26 Fits XL 2004-2013 front (OEM 42831-04)
D. 746863 € 64,27 € 51,42 Fits XL 2004-2013 rear and XR1200 2008-2012 rear (OEM 42836-04)
E. 746864 € 64,27 € 51,42 Fits V-Rod 2006 thru 2017 front and rear and FLH/FLT Touring 2008 to present front and rear (OEM 42897-06, OEM 42850-06)

Recommended Retail Prices excluding sales tax.

Prices exclude shipping, import duties and installation.