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The Round Top fender is the ultimate rear fender when converting your Softail to a wide rear low section tire. These fenders follow the line of the low profile wide tires enhancing the appearance of your motorcycle. For those who want to create their own custom design we have an un-trimmed fender available. The 9" wide version is for use with up to 200 tires, the 11" wide one is for use with up to 250 tires, the 12 1/2" fender takes up to 300 tires, and the 13 1/2" wide fender will take the latest 330 series rear tires. These fenders are a heavy gauge mild steel (2mm thick) made in a one-piece design without compromise by craftsman. Fits all stock Softail and aftermarket frames. Fenders come with a Phosphate etched finish to help prevent corrosion and to give a good base for primers to adhere.


Untrimmed Round Top rear fenders
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
960429 9" wide € 151,47
960439 12 1/2" wide € 193,69
960444 13 1/2" wide € 200,86
Trimmed Round Top rear fenders for lower profile tyres
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
960430 9" wide € 151,47
960433 10 1/4" wide € 163,63
960435 11" wide € 168,05
960440 12 1/2" wide € 193,69
960445 13 1/2" wide € 200,86

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