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Not just great looking, but a real improvement in nighttime riding. The 7" diameter headlamp unit uses a 12 Volt 55/60 Watt H4 halogen bulb, 4 1/2" diameter spotlight units come with 12 Volt 35 Watt H3 bulbs. These lights project a string white beam uniquely directed by a diamond shape reflector. Resulting in a focused fan of light, eliminating the dark center usually associated with the use of halogen bulbs. These headlights are designed specifically for use on motorcycles, making installation simple and straight forward. No modifications are required for most models, but some Dressers and Road Kings require hole enlargement in the stock backing plate of the fairing. Bikes with shallow headlight buckets may require minor wiring modifications using the supplied connectors. No special bulbs are required; replacements are as close as your favorite bike shop. Various styles are available to complement the styling of your motorcycle. Units are DOT approved.

Use of high power (100W) bulbs is not recommended and will void warranty.


Diamond Cut-smooth clear lens
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
731407 4 1/2" Spotlight units, pair € 90,20
Wave Cut-Trillient Tri-Bar lens
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
731401 7" Head light unit, Black dot bulb cover € 63,31
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
231613 Replacement bulb, 12 Volt 60/55 Watt H4, halogen, TÜV-approved € 7,72
167394 Replacement bulb, H3 12 Volt, 55 Watt, halogen € 5,33

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