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•Exclusive Performance collector for maximum power and torque
•1-piece full length heat shields prevent chipping, rust and peeling between sections
•Large 2 1/2" 16 gauge heavy duty 220º blue proof shields available in chrome or black hi-temp finish
•Exhausts have billet endcaps and removable baffles, optional Quiet Baffles available
•O2 ports & plugs provided for early models
•Complete with mounting hardware and brackets
•Unmatched sound & performance


Fits 1995-2016 Touring

Article number Description Retail price Add to list
735914 All chrome with Slash-Cut tips € 933,38 € 746,70
783297 All chrome with straight Star tips € 988,28
735965 Chrome with black sculpted Slash-Cut tips € 933,38 € 746,70
783298 Chrome with straight black sculpted Star tips € 988,28
783299 Chrome with straight black Star tips € 988,28
735915 Black with black sculpted Slash-Cut tips € 933,38 € 746,70
783300 Black with straight black sculpted Star tips € 988,28
783301 Black with straight chrome Star tips € 988,28
783302 All black with straight Star tips € 988,28
735992 Optional Quiet Baffle kit € 252,55

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Prices exclude shipping, import duties and installation.

Note: Except where mentioned differently, all exhaust systems, mufflers, drag-pipes, etc. shown in our catalog, are for closed course competition or in show competition only. They will not meet legal noise and emission standards.