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For those who have the opinion that Classy Custom Bikes or Smooth Choppers have to look clean and should not have a pillion pad, but want to take someone for a ride, we offer these quick to install and quick to remove Sucker Seats. Sucker Seats stick to a smooth rear fender with suction cups. No tools or hardware needed, just wet the cups and your passenger seat installs in seconds without scratching your paint. Sucker Seats are available in small, medium, and large. The medium pad also comes in an Extra-comfort version with an ergonomically shaped form, the large pad comes in Standard or with a special Space-Age Ergonomic Shaped Memory Foam.


Article number Description Retail price Add to list
A 741240 Small 6"x9"x1 3/4" (15x23x4.5 cm) € 79,42
B 741241 Medium 7"x9 1/2"x2" (18x24x5 cm) € 79,42
C 741244 Comfort Medium 7"x9 1/2"x2" (18x24x5 cm) € 87,27
D 741242 Large 7 7/8"x9"x2" (20x23x5 cm) € 85,53
E 741243 Large with Ergonomic Memory Foam, 7 7/8"x9"x2" (20x23x5 cm) € 85,53

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