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It's no drag, it's a Mean Mother. You'll get Hot Looks and Super Sounds with SuperTrapp's new Mean Mother Drag Pipes, and even hotter with the 12" longer Long Mean Mothers. And for those who want a Hot Classic look there are even Staggered Mean Mothers. The 2 1/2" stacked pipe with an offset look is killer. The pipe itself is 1 3/4", stepped to 2 1/4" in diameter to maintain high exhaust velocity. Hand polished with CNC mandrel bends and a straight through design, mixed with double wall tubing, allow Mean Mother Drag Pipes to provide enhanced performance and no bluing. These pipes feature unique diagonal exits but there are three optional chrome end caps that can be purchased in addition to the stock end cap. All Mean Mothers are supplied with 2" louvered baffles installed to take the noise level down to an acceptable level.

Finish damaged, great to polish, paint or powder coat
Blister in finish on heat-shield
Sold as it is, no stock return, no warranty


Short Shot Mean Mothers
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Black, fits 1984-2011 Softail models, with O2 sensors, except Rocker

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